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Criminalizing the Energy of the Human Heart

Writing about the idea of “criminalizing dissent…”

by Aaron Fitz

If things worked the way they should work, with all of Earth’s human species (the most destructive species on the planet Earth) letting themselves be guided by their heart, those being prosecuted for standing up against capitalism wouldn’t be criminalized at all, because they would be acting in cohesion with their fellow species.

Those being charged for anti-G20 Summit-related activities are actually being charged for standing up against the capitalist system, which is a system that operates on the pretext that Earth’s creations need to be exploited for financial profit (the commoditisation of humans for labour, and the exploitation of ecosystems for resources).

These folks are taking a stand against capitalism, which operates on the idea that humans and the Earth are commodities to be exploited for profit.

Why these community activists should be criminalised for working towards a society that is based on respect, equality, love and compassion for everything created out of the planet Earth’s natural chemistry, is confusing and frustrating, to say the least.

These purveyors of love and compassion are being criminalized because, as the history of imperialism/capitalism shows, anyone who advocates for a society based on these tenets is a threat to the capitalist structure, which sustains itself on individualism, hatred, fear and apathy.  Those who are guardians of the capitalist structure believe that capitalism is the only sensible way for society to operate, especially since these guardians (C.E.O.s, politicians, judges, corporate media, the army, and the police – in that order) stand to most benefit from the system, in terms of the basis of the structure, which is money, control, and other luxury, material goods.

At the top of the hierarchy are the C.E.O.s, bankers and other money-men, who control the flow of money in a capitalist society.  Maintaining the illusion of procuring economic stability is the top priority of this particular system, and those at the top perpetuate this fallacy (it’s a fallacy because money is only a tool used to enslave the human race and exploit the Earth's resources, nothing more).  Below the C.E.O.s and bankers, there is a structure of upper class “guardians” (politicians, judges, police, army, media-types), who operate institutions (city halls, parliaments, jails, army bases, schools, news outlets) which serve the capitalist societal structure.  These guardians are employed by the economic masters, and they use these institutions to ensure that the society is a safe place for corporations to exist, since corporations and banks control the idea of “money,” which is the biggest tool of enslavement in a capitalist society. 

The guardians of the capitalist structure have gone to great lengths in creating an environment in which the economy is valued as the basis for a properly-functioning society.  The people are meant to believe that the politicians control the judges, the army and the police (which function mostly independently, on their own violent tenets), and in which the media operates in a free, unbiased fashion.  These institutions are all tasked with ensuring that our society is free of opposition to the capitalism, which means operating intricate systems of intimidation, propaganda and criminalization, through which anyone opposed to capitalism is seen as dangerous, when in fact anti-capitalists are inherently loving and compassionate, and strive for a fair and equal world (any violent tendencies are defensive actions in response to violent state oppression).

Money is the basis of our society.  Those who control the money are the wealthiest and most powerful members of the society.  It is in their interest to make sure that money and the economy continue to be the basis of our society, because the money-men in our society enjoy the benefit of holding the most power in the society, and also enjoy the luxuries that financial wealth affords.  Those in charge are vehemently in favour of maintaining their power.

Members of our society who recognize the wasteful and harmful nature of capitalism pose a threat to the power structure.  Those who stand up against capitalism pose a threat to the money-based societal structure.  Those who control the money fear that they will be dispossessed of their power and wealth if the anti-capitalist sense is proliferated amongst the people.  This is why they have to create an atmosphere where opposition to the capitalist system is a criminal act, no matter if anti-capitalists are acting on the natural human instincts of love and compassion for each other and the Earth.

Another facet of the capitalist structure is the fact that those in power have gone through great lengths to ensure that the masses don’t realize the power that we hold within ourselves.  Schools, corporate-controlled media and the political system have been built in such a way so as to program the masses into believing that they have no power, and that they have to rely on politicians, police, the army, the judicial system and corporations to act in the best interest of society as a whole.  These institutions of the capitalist system act towards disempowering the people, seeking to ingrain in us the idea that we don’t know what’s best for ourselves.  This is an intricate system of subconscious mind-programming, meant to ensure that we are disempowered, and that we rely on these “democratic” institutions to ensure that our society functions as smoothly as possible.

But what we have isn’t actually “democracy,” what we have is a hierarchy of power that is interested in self-preservation and the maintenance of control based on monetary power.  At the top of the hierarchy are the huge, abstract corporations and financial institutions that are meant to ensure that the people are slaves to money.  The corporations comodify Earth’s creations (humans for labour, trees for lumber, oil for energy…), and the banks ensure that people build up insurmountable debt, enslaving us to the idea of money for the majority of our lives. 

After the corporations, the politicians are put in place to ensure that the society is a safe place for the corporations and banks to function (signing away land for development, creating economy-friendly laws, criminalizing opposition, etc.).  The politicians oversee the judges, police and the army, and in most case the media, who use the law, armed violence and propaganda to enforce a corporation-friendly society.  The people are fed the idea that we are at the bottom of this structure, and that if this structure were to collapse, society would plunge into chaos.  So the people are mostly disempowered, relinquishing all societal responsibilities to those above them in the capitalist hierarchy.  We are told that we have democratic rights such as voting in elections, but the system still only allows for a select few to be successful in this so-called “democracy.”  The people are given a list of candidates to choose from; out of that list only a couple are actually expected to experience success (the top two or three parties, varyingly).  The people are free to choose from a very small list of parties, representing mostly economic interests (since our society strives for a well-functioning economy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer), and not much changes.  The status quo is meant to be maintained through the “democratic” process.

However, when members of our society begin to analyze flaws in the capitalist, economy-first, rich-get-richer, harm the Earth, harm the people structure, and these people organize and attempt to proliferate for the others that these institutions are harmful to us, the power structure goes into motion, such as we are seeing with those standing trial for anti-G20 organizing leading up the G20 summit in Toronto, during the summer of 2010.  Those standing trial are guilty of opposing the capitalist system, which itself proposes harming the Earth, and all of the Earth’s inhabitants.  Those standing trial are guilty of having compassion for their fellow humans and for everything created by the Earth, and for living their lives with their compassionate hearts, instead of their logistical minds (our minds are supposed to be trained to see violence as a deterrent to anti-capitalist opposition).  Everyone involved in protesting the gathering of the world’s most economically wealthy nation-states at these world summits, were protesting the ongoing destruction of the human heart, and the destruction of the Earth’s natural creations.  They were protesting the destruction of indigenous cultures around the world, and they were protesting poverty and war.  When protestors smashed windows or destroyed property, they were destroying property that was built on stolen indigenous land, land that was stolen from a culture which was destroyed because of their basis in spirituality and the energy of their hearts and the Earth.  Anti-G20 activists were following their hearts, the same hearts of indigenous and impoverished peoples the world-over, hearts which tell us that causing pain to other living creatures is wrong, and unacceptable.

So yes, those facing charges for ant-G20, anti-capitalist activism are being criminalized for their dissent against our society’s current power structure.  But we shouldn’t be threatened by the idea of taking down the current structure.  In fact, the more of us who nourish, encourage, embrace and prepare for the eventual collapse of capitalism, the more we can help each other in the transition to a better world.

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