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Hey Canadian

A message to those who have inherited a genocidal system

by Ian Ki'laas Caplette

Another day in Canada, "a system predicated on continued genocide of my people," says Ian Ki'laas Caplette.
Another day in Canada, "a system predicated on continued genocide of my people," says Ian Ki'laas Caplette.
Hey Canadian. When you were born, you inherited a system predicated on continued genocide of my people in order to maintain your access to our lands and resources. This access underpins the staples economy on which canada is reliant so as not to be cast out as a peripheral state in the world system and relegate you to mere colony status. Instead you are a colonial state of the British Empire almost able to create your own laws without Crown assent. 
You inherited that genocidal system when you were born and throughout your life you have been indoctrinated into maintaining that system unquestioningly. And when sound human logic and reason come too close to revealing that to your consciousness on a wide scale with the implications that would have on your tenuous assertions of righteousness and morality, and the deceptions are in danger of collapsing due to their immense weight on a flimsy 2-dimensional construction, you have been taught to hate and to fear and to dismiss us. 
I know this because what you have inherited and why you have inherited it is to eradicate from this world the living memory of equitable balance and egalitarian cohesion which I and my fellow indigenous peoples represent. In short, you are programmed to destroy me and those like me. 
You may already know this. 
What you may not know is that you are also programmed to destroy yourselves. You are programmed to be a serf and slave. The ones who program you to do this, those who are responsible, would be overjoyed if I would hate you for this but I don't. It is lamentable. Like a sadness that erodes the gratitude for life we should all feel. It is a sickness of the spirit that threatens to consume me at times. That is when I am glad and fortunate and grateful to have the medicines of our peoples to defend me and my family and my peoples through the longest occurring sustained campaign of genocide that this world has ever seen. 
That power and strength is something you will never know. That power and strength is something that will see us through and perhaps one day when you mature as a people or as peoples you may learn from us. Until then, until that day your spirit lays bare and vulnerable and humble ready to accept the responsibility of the price of your existence here with the intent to balance it on our terms, we will fight. 
You will fight against us thinking us greedy, backwards, obsolete, uncivilized, inferior, and unsophisticated. You will fight us thinking we are less than human. Or, more accurately, that you are more than human. More than the small and vulnerable and utterly dependent species we are. 
We will fight back. 
Not against you but against the sicknesses you wreak on the only world we are fortunate enough to be a part of. And we have been a part of this world for a very, very long time. We have lived here long enough that our bones make the soil your cities have been built on and your feet tread upon. We have been here long enough that the dust of our ancestors has fed forests which have long since turned to dust and regrown again. We have been here to see rivers come and rivers go and oceans rise, recede, and rise again many times over. We have been here for thousands of years before your memories even begin. Since before Babylon and Stonehenge. Since before the pyramids of Giza and before the Parthenon, we were here. 
And we always will be. That is why you will not win. We are as timeless as the land and waters themselves. And they love us as deeply, and for as long, as we have loved them. That can never be undone until the end of things.
This article was originally posted on Facebook. It has been reposted here with the permission of the author.
About the author:
I am Gisbutwaada. Killer whale. I am Gitenda. People of the Wiers. I am of the House of Gamiyaam. I have been given the name Ki'laas, Beautiful Voice. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who are giants. We must not forget that.

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Topics: Indigenous

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