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January 30 is UN Social Media Day! #SocialUN

Critiques of UN policy? Send using hashtag #SocialUN today.

by Daniel Johnson

From UN website
From UN website

The release on the UN website says:

"The first “UN Social Media Day” will take place at UN Headquarters in Conference Room 3 on Friday 30 January 2015. All are invited to join the conversation online by using the hashtag of the day: #SocialUN!"

To join in person, of course, you require a UN Grounds Pass, which are given to people representing governments, corporations and NGOs involved in the UN process. The rest of us can watch the livestream, as panels and sessions will be webcast live via UN Webcast and on the UN YouTube channel. 

For those who have criticism of UN policy, from the UN Food Program pressuring farmers to grow Monsanto crops, to UN support for the war on drugs, today presents an opportunity to reach people involved directly in UN processes with short, carefully phrased messages of change, because they will be watching Twitter feeds with the #SocialUN hashtag today.  

Suggested examples:

Competition is a waste of energy, not the basis for a rational, intelligent or worthwhile economic system. 

Industrialized farming is a CAUSE of environmental problems, not a solution

Job creation is not a real goal, unemployment is fake, 'busy work' for it's own sake is not necessary to distribute resources.

The earth's natural systems filtered normal human use of water for free, industry destroys it while lobbying to privatize water. !

Stealing people's land and forcing them to work as 'seasonal labor' for a foreign owner isn't job creation,it's theft and slavery !

Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of a cancer cell. !

In every country where people are starving there is food being exported to countries where fat people have food fights. !

Poor countries are deliberately made poor through 'aid' policies to keep export costs and labor down to benefit western elites. !

Economic growth as a goal in itself is not a valid accomplishment, it's just killing our planet to make some numbers grow. !

economist still follows the teachings of 18th century madmen like Adam Smith whose theories have utterly failed !


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