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MP Thomas Mulcair Loses His Cool, Rants At NDP Party Members and Constituents and Tells Them to Shut Up

by Sabine Friesinger

Montreal, June 24, 2010 - MP Thomas Mulcair lost it with a small group of NDP Party members and constituents at a St-Jean-Baptiste BBQ held this Thursday.

Mulcair was being questioned on his rampage against long time human rights activist and NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies for her condemnation of the human rights abuses committed by the State of Israel.

Members of the organisation Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) joined with NDP members to question Mulcair on his refusal to condemn the criminal and terrorist actions of the State of Israel against ships carrying humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza, which has been subjected to an illegal blockade since 2006.

Mulcair repeatedly called members of the NDP Outremont riding association and several Outremont constituents cowards for raising concerns about his defense of the policies of the Israeli State.

Members pressed Mulcair to explain his statement in regards to the Libby Davies Affair in the media where he said:

"No member of our caucus, whatever other title they have, is allowed to invent their own policy," said Mr. Mulcair. "We take decisions together, parties formulate policies together, and to say that you're personally in favor of boycott, divestment and sanctions for the only democracy in the Middle East is, as far as I'm concerned, grossly unacceptable.''

Members replied that what is actually unacceptable was for an NDP party leader to form a coalition with Bob Rae and Stephan Harper against own senior party members such as Libby Davies. They added that an Apartheid State can never be a democracy.

Mulcair responded by telling the members and constituents of his riding who were raising these concerns to "shut up".

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Topics: Solidarity
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I wonder who needs to be shut-up

An MP needs to listen instead tell his Constituents to shut-up. Mulcair needs to resign as he has proven unfit for the Job.

MP Thomas Mulcair Loses His Cool,

Typical leftie bullshit. Good for Mulcair.
These fucking assholes have NEVER in the lives lifted a sign, done the door to door work, worked a phonebank, distributed a leaflet and then show up as 'constituents.' While not being paranoid, it wouldn't surprise me if these jag-offs were RCMP/CSIS plants. Just what are they trying to accomplish? Can't believe that you are wasting time writing about this.

re comment: "...good for Mulclair."

 Agree with you 100%


Time to change Israel's name to


Israel was created by war and by violence. Has been kept alive through violence for decades. Is it really surprising that it still continues to use violence? No. Despite the fact that Israel has not been attacked since seventies and has attacked Lebonan more than once, it continues to use violence. Like a drug addict that cannot stop.

And it feels good too. HALF A MILLION Israelis living on stolen land, using stolen resources and driving on roads exclusively for Israelis. SWEET. Lots of money there.

Israel is not interested in peace. If Israeli elite were interested in a FAIR and JUST deal, there would be a peace agreement in TWO weeks.

As a teenager I always wondered how the Ottoman turks or the Nazis justified to themselves the kiling of innocent men, women and children. Thanks to Mr. Muclair and people like him I can see how they did it.

Israelis who support collective punishment of palestinians are loosing their humanity, fast.

Way to go, Tom Mulcair!! @

Way to go, Tom Mulcair!!

@ Tim. McSorley: you mention Mulciair's "refusal to condemn the criminal and terrorist actions of the State of Israel against ships carrying humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza, which has been subjected to an illegal blockade since 2006."

Whoa!! Are you quoting PAJU? If so, you should have used quotation marks. Otherwise, your readers are apt to think that you are spreading hateful lies about what happened with the flotilla incident. The Mavi Marmara, in fact, had no intention of bringing aid to Gaza or else it would have agreed to Israel's pleas to steer the ship through official channels. The ship was filled with jihadists and confessed martyrs (and some innocents who were duped into accompanying them) whose only goal was to provoke Israel, attack IDF soldiers and then claim to be victims. They set out to break the blockade, which, by the way, is perfectly legal in international waters. So much for your description of Israel's "criminal and terrorist actions," when actually, they were nothing of the sort.

MP Thomas Mulcair Loses His Cool,

Libby Davies needs to resign and these jag-offs need to get some REAL work ie. Going and bugging Liberal/Conservative MP's. But if they are who I think they are (security apparattus plants) then they are are not going to do diddly about that.

Libby Davies is a real hero

She is courageous to stand up to the ugly pro-Israeli lobby in this country. Although it is sad that she is one of few politicians who repeats what the United Nations and International Court of Justice have stated previously.

The extremist pro-Israelis have no humanity left in them. Paranoid and hateful they see a threat in every Tylenol pill sent to Gaza.

Shut them all up, Thomas Baby

Like  Sionist Bill Maher said in his last show of the season on HBO as he was being berated by Oliver Stone on his Kill Baby Kill attitude about the 1.5 million prisoners of Gaza : "I long for the good old days when the Mossad came from behind and shot those bastards in the head."

Sionists Spartacus, Sasha Canadian and Sandra are so morally correct to cheer Bill Maher and Thomas Mulcair : eliminate the opposition, drown them, beat them up and don't believe Israel's newspaper Haaretz when it says this Israeli government is racist.

Who needs criticism in a Sionist Democracy ?


Clearly our government has become controlled by foreign interests. As a result they have put our safety at risk aligning themselves with a murderous regime whose prior and ongoing actions will provoke extremists to lash out. This puts innocent Canadians in the line of danger for no discernable benefit and shows a lack of judgement as well as a disdain for the saftey of the citizens of Canada. If anything happens to Canadians, the blood will be on Harper's hands and on anyone else who supports the attrocities against Palestine and her people. Peace for Israel and Peace for Palestine starts with less war. I stand in solidarity with good Israelis and good Jews, who speak out against the Zionism that is eating the core of a great tribe...

Good for Libby!

While I don't particularly like politicians of any stripe, I'll continue to vote for Libby who is my Member of Parliament (Vancouver East).  As for Mucair, I sincerely hope he goes down to a crushing defeat in the next election, hopefully to the Bloc Quebecois which, unlike the NDP, refuses to participate in the sham "Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism" due to its strong pro-Israel bias.

As for the Zionist plants, please keep the hasbara (propaganda) coming!  You only make yourselves look like idiots with your hysterics and apologetics for Israeli state terrorism (yes, let's hear more about the poor Israeli commandos being brutally attacked by evil terrorist jihadis who so willingly put themselves in the way of the highly trained commandos' bullets just to make Israel look bad).

There were three Canadians in the flotilla and I believe their accounts of what happened over recycled arguments from the Zionist propaganda machine (or I can just take a look at the accurate accounts in the Israeli liberal daily Haaretz, for that matter).

Israel is like a schoolyard bully that punches someone in the face and then blames him for getting blood on his shirt.


So this is how the RCMP spends $500m!

I'd like to congratulate the senior planners at the RCMP, as well as their esteemed colleagues at CSIS and the elite strategists at Justice Canada, DFAIT and Internal Affairs - not to mention Mr. Harper and his cadre of benevolent intellectuals and businessmen that call the shots - on their brilliant use of the $500 million given to them under the guise of "G20 security" in order to continue their long tradition of authoritarianism, fear mongering, and discrediting legitimate concerns and democratic movements while they go about their jolly work of undercutting democracy.

Well done, men (and women, unfortunately)! It's clear from the above responses that your crackpot team of media hounds and paid commenters have been exceedingly well trained and funded to come to places like this and jump all over stories that don't align with "national" (state/corporate) interests. Unfortunately, they're terrible at it. Not only do they give themselves away with their disappointingly lazy extreme-right rhetoric cribbed from old Jason Kenney speeches, but they also insult the right while they're at it - not to mention decent people in Canada and around the world that I'm sure can't help but raise an eyebrow and shake their heads when they read things like "the ship was filled with jihadists and confessed martyrs" or that the "lefties" that challenged Mulcair were probably RCMP/CSIS plants. (Whoever smelt it dealt it! Right?)

On the other hand, if Spartacus and Sasha Canadian really are real people and not just shameless low-level government shit disturbers, then, well... maybe things are a lot worse than I think they are.

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