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Northern Life downplays public support for #IdleNoMore

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Northern Life, Jan 1, 2013, page 8
Northern Life, Jan 1, 2013, page 8


I just opened my January 1st Northern Life to this "graph". As you can see, the percentages are what you'd expect from a newspaper poll: 38% for, 56% against, and 6% undecided about Idle No More. The graph beside it shows 14%, 72 %, and 14% respectively. When I called the editor, he said that he would not republish it correctly because the graph was just supposed to be a "representation" of the votes and the percentages were correct. I told him the bar for 38% yes should not be the same size as the bar for 6% undecided in any representation. He maintained his position. At a glance, the truth is greatly misrepresented. This clearly portrays a lack of journalistic integrity. Since this is not a mistake and they do not intend to fix it, I encourage readers to share this on their social media.

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Correction Forthcoming

 I have heard from multiple people who have either contacted the editor or talked to others from the paper that this will be corrected on Tuesday.  Thank you all for your support.

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