Occupy media - decentralized print project (print/copy/distro)

Oct 13, 2011

Occupy media - decentralized print project (print/copy/distro)

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rabble has released a special 2-pg PDF edition of the rabble rouser for the #Occupy movement.

It's an outreach tool -- designed for printing double-sided, making copies and distributing to your neigbours, leaving copies in coffeeshops/etc, or passing out at occupations/ in the streets.

Canadian version:

International version:

From rabble.ca
-- http://rabble.ca/occupy -- http://rabble.ca/rabblerouser

Featured articles:

* Statements from the Occupation of Wall St
* Mainstream media dismissive
* Keeping the Occupy integrity
* Making room for racial justice
* Asking the big economic questions
* Noooo, Canada

Please spread the word!