Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event

Nov 4, 2011

Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event

Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event
written by A Truth Soldier
See pictures and videos at this link

You are about to discover just how fraudulent the event is and how many of its participants have been fooled.

I have been covering the event since before it even started. I went to the small meeting that was held several weeks earlier at the Halifax Commons park and I also did videos of the busker fest they held on the Halifax waterfront for a few days before the Occupy NS started.

Here is the link to the complete video play list.

I will also write a short report about the Busker fest and how I and Rodger were lied to and manipilated to prevent our participation and communicating with the general public about corporation and government corruption in the world.

And finally I will write an article about Mayor Peter Kelly issuing the eviction notice.

You will be able to watch the videos that will prove what I am about to write.

You will also find out how 'The Tour De Finance’ protest parade through Halifax on a Sunday, was also staged for the corporate media. I have posted all the videos on my www.youtube.com/folkphotographer site. Look in the OccupyNS play list. I will write a seperate report about the staged protest parade.

Ok so here goes.

Since early March of this year I have been doing folk videos of street performers in Halifax. So just about everyday I have been on the streets and observing the vibes of the street scene.

I assure you that never has anyone ever spoken a word about world events or any of the issues that have led up to the Wall street movement.

Not until a couple of pretend street people showed up. But they also never spoke of anything about political issues. But I did do video music albums of these two individuals. So I assure you I am familiar with who they are.

To my surprise these two individuals who were never seen together on the street, all of a sudden they were conducting the setting up of and organising the Occupy NS event at the Halifax City Hall property.

This made me so suspicious. How could they even know how to do all this.

I soon found out that the same identical system was being set up at other Occupy events that were sprouting up everywhere.

What really puzzled me is that none of the people who were putting on the show at the general assemblies ever spoke with the people who were Occupying and living in tents.

I wondered why was it that the organizers and their actors never engaged conversations of political issues or any other issues with the tent Occupiers.

The only thing the actors were interested in doing was to tell the tent people how to behave. The actors were always engineering the event.

I noticed that the event was not a spontaneous peoples movement.

Also I noticed that most of the people who were attending the meetings were not occupiers. These actors would always block and discourage anyone from speaking about anything that did not fit in with their staged event’s agenda.

Soon I found other Occupiers and also people of the general public were expresing many concerns that something was very wrong with this event.

I made a suggestion that signs be put up at different locations for free speech areas, for such things as, Fluoride, Chemtrails, GMO etc. The organizers again discouraged any idea of anyone starting up any topics that were not on the orgaizers agenda.

Many of the public who came over to see what was happening soon realized that this event was not what it was being made to appear as.

The general public soon started loosing interest.

The organizers would always say that there was no organizers. But their lies soon became obvious.

I could write allot more that would prove to you that this whole event was fake.

The organizers would not allow anyone of the general public to bring their issues of injustice and corruption to be voiced.

I spoke with many people who arrived that the Grand Parade that wanted to be able to make speeches about serious issues but they told me that they were not being facilitated to be able to do this.

So I made it possible on a few occassions to get some people to do their speeches, which I video taped.

Here is three of them.
In this video you will notice that the girl and a guy were repeating and screaming across the grand parade because the organizers started a group meeting to try and attract and distract people from listening to this free speech
Occupy Nova Scotia Day 9 Ascension Free Speech
Here is another important freedom fighter that was ignored.
Occupy NS (10) Day 2 Robert Menard - Freeman On The Land
I approached one of the organizers meetings and told them that I had brought a singer to perform one of his original songs about OccupyNS. All the organizers completely ignored this performer. Here is his video.
Occupying the old mans square by Butch Cassidy

I soon discovered that the organizer devised ways of blocking free speechess by doing really loud mic checks. These mic checks would drown out the people who would attempt to do free speechess. If that did not work the organizers would do drum circles and make alot of noise to block the free speeches.

The actors used many other ways of blocking free speeches.

So I decided to do my own free speeches when ever people of the general public would engage me in discussions.

But again the actors and organizers would threaten me and tell me I was disturbing them. So I just got louder and screamed at them to stop blocking my free speech rights.

Later on I was once permitted to do a short free speech with the aid of a speaker thingy.

Oh and a note here. I will also write an article about the fake and staged corporate media interviews that were being conducted at the OccupyNS on the Grand Parade which is the Halifax City Hall property’s name.

I will now talk about a guy known as ‘The Granite Man’ who is a busker. I will include pictures of him below.

The Granite man soon got very upset at the staged event. He would tell me about all the workings going on while I was not there. You the readers need to understand that I get about in a motorized wheelchair and that I am very dissabled.

I did a whole series of videos and photos on the events occuring at Occupy NS.

The granite man’s name is Rodger.

So Rodger decided to persue his purpose of posting words about what he strongly believes to be an important issue. That being GEET and free energy.

Rodger was very concerned about this because he had worked at the Alberta tar sands for twelve years and was really upset at the complete distruction of the wilderness of Alberta. He grew to really hate the oil industry.

But Rodger was continuosly attacked by operatives at the OccupyNS. Rodger told me that he found out that the event was engineered by an American company that was paying the organizers $300,000. You can see the picture below of the poster Rodger erected at OccupyNS.

Rodger became a victim of organized thugs. Rodger was attacked, robbed and then was arrested but immediately released. When Rodger returned his laptop and other thing were stolen.

Rodger also told me that the food donations were not being given out. Instead they were kept in plastic containers until the food rotted. So Rodger started opening up the kitchen at night and feeding the tent occupiers.

Eventually the organizers thugs got Rodger served with a restraining order to stay away for six months. So Rodger was never seen again. I wonder what really happened to Rodger as he never phoned me.

I believe he returned home to New Brunswick.

Rodger was a real hero trying to make a difference in the world.

If you look at my first Grand Parade video, you will see that the place is an enclosed compound that is not easily visible by the general public. But the small size of the OccupyNS events location made it very easy for me to see and understand what is really happening. This would not be possible to discern in a larger city with many participants.

I would like to make a disclaimer here.That not all the organizers are aware of the subversives activities and agenda. So when I say organizers it means the the hidden organizers with their agenda to attack our Canadian banks to make it appear that the people are very upset and want to bring down the banks. The real truth is that the World Bank wants to vilify our banks so that the UN can bring in their world bank and their one world currency.

Stay tuned for my other articles I will now write.


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