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Report on pre-G20 Exercise: Trillium Guardian

by Tim Groves

The following document was prepared by a private consultant Richard Moreau, for Public Safety Canada. It is an analysis prepared for the bureaucrats at Public Safety Canada to look at a training excercis ahead of the G20 dubbed Trillium Guardian which took place in May 2010.

This is not the most fascinating G20 document released through an access to information request it is being posted as a test to see how to see how this Document Cloud interface work inside a media co-op story.

Do you like this interface? More documents will be posted soon.

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110 words


i think it's good. the one

i think it's good.

the one thing that i don't like about it is that to read it clearly i need to zoom in so much that i can't fit the whole page on the screen at once. (i have, however, an old little laptop, so...) yet since you can make it a pop-out full screen this doesn't really matter. (and in the fullscreen page you can then look at it in an original pdf format.) the functions (which are really what make the interface unique) are nice, and the notes section could be put to good interactive use by the author/poster.

i say use it. it's better to have a document embedded rather than an external link.

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