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Transition Movement growing in Montreal

Neighbours in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal got together last week to learn about the "Transition movement", an international network of citizens and representatives of grassroots organizations.

The Transition movement aims to create local resilience for the coming “post-oil” era, and has spawned “Transition communities”: groups of people who have made a conscious decision to become less dependent upon oil, and to support collaborative, local proposals for healthy food supplies, collective transportation, energy conservation, and waste reduction, as well as enhancements to education, housing, the arts, and community engagement. Transition movement participants are inspiring each other with simple actions while creating a path toward a more locally-based, resilient, and fair society.

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network co-founder and author of "The Transition Handbook", explains the roots of the movement and basic concepts in this brief video:

Together, these small steps contribute towards something much bigger, but the first -- and possibly hardest -- step is to achieve “inner transition.” In a world where we are constantly bombarded by the status quo, it takes a leap of faith and courage to step outside the mold to create a new model for ourselves and our communities. It can feel quite daunting to face the current environmental, social and spiritual challenges. Transition groups offer examples of successful projects from many places around the world, and facilitate connections between communities of like-minded people.

The Transition movement, and specific examples of Transition work, will be a focus of this blog. Check back next week for more updates on this burgeoning movement!


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