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Halifax : Dominion Media Coop AGM Sun Feb 8 2009

December 23, 2008 • Halifax Media Co-op

What kind of coverage do you want to see?

Ask what the Halifax Media Co-op can do for you.

» Story: by Dru Oja Jay - 15 comments

December 15, 2008 • Halifax Media Co-op

Media Co-op Coming to Halifax

To set up local, democratic participatory news coverage

» Story:

November 1, 2008 • Halifax Media Co-op

Shouting down Margaret Wente in Halifax

» Blog: posted by Asaf Rashid - 3 comments

September 26, 2008 • Media Co-op

CTV's Afghan cameraperson release from prison

» Blog: posted by rholmans

September 8, 2008 • Media Co-op

The Anti-Terrorist Battle Inside Canada's Borders

» Blog: posted by david parker - 1 comments

August 11, 2008 • Media Co-op

Turn up the Megaphone!

» Blog: posted by dawn

June 29, 2008 • Media Co-op

Missing voices

Media coverage of Harper's apology left obvious holes

» Story: by Tim McSorley
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