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Tent city resident arrested

by Rider Cooey

See video

In this video, Diane Claveau, former Vancouver Journalist is pursued, SWARMED, handcuffed and ARRESTED by 6 Vancouver Police and Psychiatric workers on March 19, 2010

Diane had been camping on Concord Pacific's vacant lot at 58 West Hastings by Abbott since the first tent city was established during the Olympics. Unlike most of the campers, she declined to move to an SRO Hotel Room and insisted on what she called "REAL" social housing for herself and her cats

She had been supported by friends and organizations like CCAP - Carnegie Community Action Project and City-wide Housing Coalition. She lived in a large tent and kept her cats in a smaller tent. The cats were supplied food and medicine by SPCA.

People in the Tent Village were mostly long term homeless and in fragile, emotional condition. Among
that population, Diane was a notably calming presence. Because she was very articulate, she was frequently interviewed by print and electronic media. As recently as Sunday March 14, 2010 Diane was in the Vancouver Sun and Global TV

The basis for her apprehension under the mental health act is a complete mystery.

This video was taken by Rider Cooey (City-wide Housing Coalition) and made possible to be online by April Smith of AHA MEDIA

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