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Canadian Health Care Access Denied To Immigrants

by Mike Roy **

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Had the chance to interview a man that took his son to the hospital after having a fever for 3 days. Due to Bill C-31 the immigration bill, The hospitqal informed him that the charge to check his son would be over $800.

"Refugees come to Canada to find a safe haven often from unspeakable tragedy. Until July 1, refugees have been eligible for primary health-care services, pharmaceuticals, dentistry and mental health care. Now those services, which are a lifeline for many, will be cut back with the reasoning of ensuring that no one gets more services than the average Canadian.

Refugees to Canada will be denied vaccinations (children and adults) -- unless they're a risk for public health concerns, primary health care -- except in the case of emergencies for some refugees, pharmaceuticals like medication for diabetes, pre-natal care for some refugees, and in some cases they could be denied help even if their life is in immediate danger (i.e., in the case of a heart attack).

Many medical professionals feel that resettled refugees will suffer tremendous hardship by not being able to access medications. They are at risk of severe complications. Health care workers are also deeply concerned that people from designated countries of origin will be unable to access care for even life threatening conditions. Many have also suggested that the inability to provide preventive care will result in increased costs.

The realities that refugees are being faced with are injuries and illnesses which they are unsure of will be covered, so many suffer in silence without any necessary medical help, or face tremendous hospital bills which they cannot cover. Women who are pregnant are not receiving adequate monitoring throughout their pregnancies and are forced to choose between giving birth at home without assistance or large hospital bills. Refugees suffering from post-torture injuries are unable to receive adequate follow up care. Children are being prevented from participating in sports and community building activities for fear of the high hospital cost any unforeseen injury would result in.

Our communities need to respond to these changes. We need to come together to tell Minister Kenney that we will not thank him for his changes, that we think health care for refugees is a priority and a right. We need to surround the refugees in our community with our support and assistance while we speak out against these cuts. " ~trin



Mike Roy (TheIndignants)

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