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Fur Trim Is a Trap, Waterloo ON, Dec 22nd, 2012

by K.O.A.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance)

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Today, Sat Dec 22nd, 2012, Waterloo Residents and members of K.OA.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) held an anti-fur demonstration from 1-3pm outside Channer’s Mens Apparel at 95 King St. S. in Uptown Waterloo, ON.  

The demonstration was held in tandem with other animal rights organizations across Canada in a national day of action against Canada Goose Inc. who use coyote fur and geese feathers in their jackets. Channer’s retail store was targeted because of their high profile advertising of Canada Goose products.

In freezing temperatures and chilling wind, the demonstrators handed out leaflets and vegan baked goods to last minute Christmas shoppers. Activists then made passionate speeches condemning Canada Goose Inc. and the fur industry.  The demonstration was mostly met by support from the community (excluding a handful of pedestrians wearing Canada Goose apparel who crossed the street in embarrassment).

One activist was quoted as saying: ‘Not many people know where the fur trim on Canada Goose jackets comes from and we’re here to educate people about the cruelty involved with making these jackets.  The coyotes used in these jackets are caught with leg hold traps, which aren’t checked sometimes for up to 20 days, leaving the coyotes to freeze to death, chew off their own limbs, be eaten by other animals or to be stomped, bludgeoned, strangled or shot to death by trappers.  Also, these traps are indiscriminate and will often catch “collateral animals” like companion animals and endangered species. How would you feel if your dog got caught in one of these traps?  I really think it’s time Canadians speak up and end this unnecessary suffering in the name of fashion.”

Another demonstrator said, “Canada Goose Inc. has played a huge role in re-popularizing fur and they need to answer for their actions.  We’re here to speak on behalf of Canadian wildlife who don’t have a voice and tell Canada Goose that what they’re doing is cruel and unacceptable.  When most people find out how these jackets are made, they are shocked.”

Speakers also called for an end to the legal use of cat and dog fur on imported clothing sold in Canadian retail stores.  Comments were then made about the Canadian fur farming industry and their inhumane treatment and slaughter of fur bearing animals like mink and fox. This last talking point seemed to resonate with observers, coming in the wake of the recent decision of the Netherlands to ban fur farming.  The Netherlands has joined other countries like the U.K. and Austria who have stricter laws regarding animal wellbeing.

The day of action was organized by Fur-Bearer Defenders in a campaign called: Fur Trim is a Trap.

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