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Montréal 26 octobre 2013 – #ChomskyMTL #AskChomsky (Videos)

by blogocram

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Noam Chomsky on the Charter of Values (Montréal, 26 octobre 2013) :

Noam Chomsky on the future of Anarchism (Montréal, 26 octobre 2013) :

Noam Chomsky on Repression (Montréal, 26 octobre 2013) :

Noam Chomsky on First Nations Resistance (Montréal, 26 octobre 2013) :


 2013-10-26_19h44 2013-10-26_19h48 2013-10-26_20h02 2013-10-26_20h33

2013-10-26_21h36 2013-10-26_21h42 2013-10-26_21h58 2013-10-26_22h02




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Complete audio of the conference & question period!

Complete audio of the conference & question period by Stefan Christoff:

Noam Chomsky — Declining U.S. Hegemony Listen to a lecture by Noam Chomsky, given in Montreal in Oct. 2013. A talk focusing on declining U.S. hegemony, tracking political patterns back to the end of WWII, throughout the imperialist politics in Asia during the Cold War, to the turn against U.S. influence in Latin America over the past decade. Importantly this talk also highlights the importance of social action, of grassroots movements on changing the course of political history. Thanks to Canadian Dimension for organizing the lecture, recorded for broadcast on CKUT radio in Montreal by Stefan Christoff. Free to download / broadcast / distribute for non-profit purposes.


Noam Chomsky — Montréal discussion period Listen to the discussion period from Noam Chomsky's Montréal lecture in Oct. 2013. A great discussion that touches on the reality of growing police repression in Montréal under the municipal law P6 that bans free protest, to a clear denunciation of the pending Quebec secularist charter. Also the question period provides space for a reflection on anarchist politics and the importance of social movements in challenging the injustices that Chomsky detailed in the talk. Finally the question period addresses both the shifts left in Latin American political currents over the past decade and the ongoing revolutions in the Middle East.


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