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Headlines for week of March 22nd, 2009

by CKUT News Collective

Headlines for the week of March 22nd, 2009
runs 11 min, 50 sec


Montreal – Community-based education initiatives offer another season of alternative learning


Alberta – Canada's first private nuclear power generator proposed site faces criticism

Canada – Three Billion $ stimulus package approved in House of Commons

Canada – Government trying to re-impose conditions on Adil Charkaoui


Istanbul – Fifth annual World Water Forum and international criticism

Malawi – World Tuberculosis Day and Malawi's National TB Control Program

Afghanistan – Five more deaths from suspected US airstrikes on Pakistan/Afghan border

Thanks this week to our friends at the Dominion, and our contributors Laura Glowacki, Juniper Belshaw, Brodie Macrae, Caitlyn Chapell, and Faberice of the CKUT Community News Collective.

If rebroadcasted, comments/feedback/questions please contact:

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