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Groundwire: July 31-August 13

by GroundWire

Welcome to Groundwire's latest edition of national news from a grassroots perspective. This is the fourth bi-weekly edition of GroundWire - community news from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
Produced by UMFM in Montreal.

In this edition of GroundWire:


- Winnipeg worried over Privatized Water| Michael Elves UMFM

- Defining Sexual Assault in Winnipeg| Michael Elves UMFM


- Mohammad Mahjoub's Hunger Strike at Kingston Penitentiary | Usman Mushtaak CFRC

- Olympic Update: Charter Battles for Women's Ski Jumpers | Sam Krevia CJSR

-- Simon Fraseer University Funding Mircomanaged by Government| Nina Halliday-Thompson CJSF

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