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GroundWire| May 5, 2014

May Day Edition of GroundWire

by GroundWireCKUT Community News Collective

GroundWire| May 5, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Traditional Mohawk Territory in Montreal at CKUT



Moratorium on Temporary Foreign Workers in Food Service industry further marginalizes migrant workers | Carly Forbes, CILU


BC advocate for children and youth makes recommendations to extend the age that youth remain in foster care | Ross Henry, CJSF


Jose Figueroa speaks at the Guelph May Day dinner via skype from sanctuary in Langley, BC | MaryCarl Guiao, Migrant Matters Radio



This year's May Day in Winnipeg marked the 95th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike | Julien Cooper, Chuck Girard and Michael Welch, CKUW


An in depth look at the corruption of politicians and the consultation process for fracking in Eslipogtog First Nations territory | Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop


May Day in Montreal is met with heavy police repression during the annual anti-capitalist march | Amelie Phillipson, Aaron Lakoff, CKUT


Community Radio Report:

Avalanche a disability justice radio program on CKUT is fundraising to make their programming accessible to the deaf community | Aaron Lakoff, CKUT


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