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Interview with Dan Kellar: Independent Journalist Arrested for a Blog Post

Undercover police, media freedoms, and security culture

by Aaron Lakoff

Interview with Dan Kellar: Independent Journalist Arrested for a Blog Post

"If we know the information, we gotta keep spreading it" - Dan Kellar, arrested for a blog post about undercover police.

CKUT spoke recently with independent journalist and activist Dan Kellar, who also works with the anti-war group AW@L in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Kellar was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) last thursday for posting information about undercover police agents on his blog, CKUT's Aaron Lakoff spoke with Kellar on the phone about the arrest, undercover police and police repression, and media freedoms. Kellar also added that despite the fact that the blog post has been taken down due to his bail conditions, people might still be able to see the post using Google cache. Officers involved in the case have threatened to arrest others, independent journalists included, who repost the original blog post.

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bar baz


Thank You Dan !!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for holding your head high, and not being afraid to speak out about these agents provacateurs of the Harper Regime.  Ultimately the Dictator Harper must take responsibility for his undercover stooges and the intimidation tacics you are being subjected to. 

Every Blogger and every activist in Canada needs to be aware of your persecution and join the resistance to this injustice.

These lowlife undercover agents provacateurs must be stopped and held accountable.

They are an insult and a danger that threatens to undermine our legal right to exercise our fundamental freedoms. without government interference.

These dickcheeze  pigs suck and they make me sick. They should move to North Korea where they would fit in better.

... is a website in the US that keeps track of such things, have never been pursued for posting info on such things (they've even got posts on two SW Ontario undercovers from back in the summer last year)