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Mosque Talk. Part 1.

In Which We Head to the Mosque, to Talk of Terror, of Peace, and of Other Things.

by Miles Howe

National news sources are now inundated with ten-year dedications to 9/11. They seem less like a memorial, and more like an effort to justify a decade-long traipse down the oh-so-very-wrong path.

The so-called 'War on Terror' has bankrupted America, and has increasingly militarized our own Canadian economy, with no end in sight.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, seemingly immune from factual reality, recently noted that 'Islamicism' remains the biggest threat to Canadian security. Statements such as this serve to not only scapegoat a sizeable percentage of the Canadian population, but also pave the way for increased security measures, included pre-emptive arrests, meant to protect us There is no 'other' anymore.

How must it feel to be at the receiving end of all this nonsense? How must it feel to be a Canadian Muslim, ostensibly free to practice Islam, but sensationalized and vilified at every turn? To have never done anything against anyone, and yet be asked to take responsibility for acts of 'terrorism', as though you yourself had pulled a trigger?

I headed to the local mosque, and interviewed four Muslim friends about just such matters.

For the sake of size, the interview appears in two parts.

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government's violent "solutions" create more problems

The "solution" to "terrorism" as carried out by the American government  and its tagalong Harper government, since 911 has not solved the problem of disagreements but has made matters worse.  Most of what has been "achieved" is the massive government spending of taxpayers' money on military hardware, war chemicals, and other military supplies.    Their hard line focus on military "solutions" to every problem has been a major cause of economic decline, unemployment, deminished spending on healthcare and on education.   The 27 billions of dollars per year spent on the war is an amount that exceeds the sum total of tax dollars spent on education and healthcare combined.    The eleven plus years that Canada has been involved in military engagements in Afganistan has not solved the problem of why Canada decided to become involved militarily there.  According to Afghan sources, the situation of women there has deteriorated and become worse that when Canadian troops first went there.  

During the years of military engagement conditions for Canadians has got worse.   Most countries have decided that it is time to leave the Afghan region to the Afghan people to run their own country.