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The Media Co-op is a multi-stakeholder cooperative, which means that we're run by our reader, contributor and editor members. The more people we have involved in making the co-op work, the more we're able to provide quality content to our readers in small towns and big cities across Canada and around the world.
If you are a less experienced journalist or community member and are considering writing for the Media Co-op for the first time, have a look at our writer's guide, which you can access here. You can learn more about the Media Co-op network's structure by reading the document at this link. For more general information about the co-op, visit our About page.
If you have contributed four featured stories to the Media Co-op over the past year, you are a contributing member of the co-op. This brings additional benefits, including enhanced consideration for payment, priority access to our call outs, and access to a supportive network of editors and illustrators. To 
The Media Co-op pays for a couple of stories every month. Set up an account on the Co-op and pitch yours here. If you'd like to be added to our contributor email list, click here.

For pitching guidelines, go here.

At the Media Co-op, we also believe in participatory democracy. That's why, beyond writing, you can also join one of our online general meeting calls which take place every three weeks, usually on a Saturday or Sunday through Zoom. These calls are a great way to get your feet wet with the co-op and virtually meet the board members behind it. We also have calls to drum up fundraising ideasPlease email for detailed call-in information.

The Media Co-op's central functions are co-ordinated by editor members, a handful of reader members involved in finances in a part-time capacity, and our Board of Directors.
The Media Co-op currently has five directors who provide guidance and oversight to the organization. Click here learn more about the Media Co-op's board members.