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Saskatoon/Treaty 6 Territory

#May1STOON - International Workers' Day vs. Bill 85

- 7:00pm
Wednesday May 1 2013

Venue: Friendship Park

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Come celebrate the achievements & resistance of international working class and the struggles of oppressed peoples everywhere! And rally against Bill 85, a legislative attack on the working class and poor people of Saskatchewan! Bill 85 is a regressive change to the province's labour laws that could roll back what generations of workers' struggle have achieved - 8 hour work day, overtime pay, weekends off, work place safety, workers' health etc and affect ALL workers - unionized and non-unionized. This event is also in solidarity with sex workers and workers with no or precarious immigration status, many of whom are already beyond the protection of existing labour laws.

At 5pm, we will assemble at Friendship Park, where Occupy Saskatoon once occupied, and kick start the evening with a delicious meal courtesy of Food Not Bombs and a community soccer game: Workers vs. Bill 85.

Download the pamphlet:

The rally will start at 5:30 with a list of speakers and performers.

Bring your co-workers, friends, and family! Spread the word via any means possible! Invite your friends, share this page on your profile, tweet with hashtag #May1STOON, and text!

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