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CKUT: Live Update from Montreal Anti-Police Brutality Demo

CKUT's Stefan Christoff reports from downtown Montreal

by Aaron Lakoff

CKUT: Live Update from Montreal Anti-Police Brutality Demo

March 15 marks the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality, and each year, a large demonstration against police brutality and repression takes place in Montreal.

Independent journalist and activist Stefan Christoff brings us this phone report, live from the demonstration at the corner of Peel and Ste-Catherine in downtown Montreal. He talks about the massive police repression of the demo, but also the deeper issues behind the demo. Thousands of protestors showed up to voice their opposition to police brutality, and the police responded by declaring the demo illegal after only roughly 25 minutes, and then proceeded to use tear gas, pepper spray, and sound grenades.

This interview produced by Aaron Lakoff and Stefanie Claremont of the CKUT community news collective, 90.3 FM in Montreal.


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