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CKUT Round Table: What Next For the Student Strike?

An in-studio discussion with student and community activists

by CKUT Community News Collective

CKUT Round Table: What Next For the Student Strike?

Audio from a live round-table discussion on CKUT's Off the Hour on Friday, March 30th.

On March 22, one of the largest demonstrations in Canadian history took place with over 200 thousand students filling the streets of Montreal to protest the provincial Charest government's proposed tuition hikes of $1625 over the next 5 years. That demo was followed by a week of direct actions and economic disruptions aimed at state institutions. Our in-studio panel of student and community activists responded to the general question "what next for the student strike?".

The panelists include:

-Rushdia Mehreen, a Concordia University grad student and member of Free Education Montreal

-Alex Matak, a Concordia undergrad student activist

-Jaggi Singh, member of CLAC (the Anti-Capitalist Convergence), who issued a statement of solidarity for the student strike and economic disruptions

-Philippe Morin, a cegep professor at Marie-Victorin, member of Professors Against the Hikes, and a participant in the 2005 student strike

-Jerome Charaoui, a participant in the 2005 student strike

The panel discussion was hosted by Christine Jeyarajah, Stefanie Claremont, and Aaron Lakoff of the CKUT community news collective.

This round-table discussion was part of the Red Square Reports, CKUT's ongoing in-depth coverage of the Quebec student strike.

For more information on this panel, or for the Red Square Reports, contact


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