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GroundWire | February 10, 2014

Community Radio News from January 28th-February 10th

by Groundwire News CollectiveCILU

GroundWire | February 10, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Fort William First Nations Territory in Thunder Bay, ON at CILU by Carly Forbes



Free Speech Radio News returns to the airwaves on February 11th | Aaron Lakoff, CKUT

CBSA announces a quota to take refugee status away from 875 individuals | Jane Williams, Red Eye Coop Radio



Reflections on the suicide of Lucia Vega Jiminez while in CBSA custody | Fatima Herrera and Maria Delores Mora, CJSF

After 18 years Winnipeg's Mondragon closes | Daniel Emberg, CKUW

A discussion of the laws around sex work after the Bedford ruling | Carly Forbes, CILU


Community Radio Report:

A preview of the upcoming Homelessness Marathon | Carly Forbes, CILU


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