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National Day of Action in Support of Decriminalization of Sex Work

Toronto Rally

by Earful of QueerCFRUCarly Forbes

photo courtesy of Maggies TO
photo courtesy of Maggies TO

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear the voices of sex workers  who applied to intervene in the hearing that took place on June 13th in Ottawa.

On June 8th in 6 different cities across Canada sex workers and their allies took to the streets to demand the full decriminalization of sex work.

This is a report back from the rally that took place in Toronto, Ontario.  It was hosted by Krysta Williams from the Native Youth Sexual Health Network and Lux a former sex work who works with Maggies.  It features the Eagle Women’s Singers, Monica Forrester co-coordinator of the Aboriginal Sex Workers Outreach and Education Program at Maggies, Terri Jean Bedford, Sasha Morale and a spoken word piece  by Janelle Flemming.

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