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Rural Women take on COP17

Hundreds denounce exclusion from talks, false solutions at UN conference

by Tim McSorley

Rural Women take on COP17
Rural Women take on COP17
Rural Women take on COP17
Rural Women take on COP17

In Durban, South Africa, yesterday, hundreds of rural women from across the continent converged at the Speakers Corner outside of the conference centre where COP17, the UN's latest round of climate change negotiations, is being held.

The women have come to Durban to participate in the South Africa Rural Women's gathering, which started December 1 and will run until December 5.

Friday's rally and march outside of COP17 was to denounce the fact that rural women in developing nations are bearing the brunt of climate change impacts already, but are being excluded from the talks.

Here are some of the voices from the rally.

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