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Dominion Call For Portfolios

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The Dominion Newspaper Co-operative is now accepting portfolio submissions from illustrators, photographers and artists.

Starting in January 2010, The Dominion will pay $100 for cover designs. Based on the portfolios we receive, we will contract an artist each month to create a cover design based on a theme or a lead article.  After a discussion with editors about the theme, the contracted artist will have one week to submit two or three sketches. Deadline for the final design will be the 25th of the month.

Artists should email their portfolio to

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I am very, very, extremely cool.

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My name is william ray i would be interested in contributing to the dominion. I have been published in esprit de corps and in Lewis Mackenzies autobiography. I have also done radio for ckuw and cjlo. I specialise in military and forien affairs and have absolute access within the armed forces bieng former PPCLI.

Pitching articles

Thanks for posting William. You can submit pitches for articles by going here: Looking forward to reading your story ideas.