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Miles Howe

Posts by Miles Howe

févr. 11 2016
Tracing the roots of traditional Mi'kmaq governance
févr. 10 2016
Or, here's hoping for more than a made for TV moment with the new Nation head
févr. 10 2016
Diagnosis points to standardized testing-creep under McNeil Liberals
févr. 9 2016
Preston Community Leadership Project set to launch
févr. 9 2016
HRM libraries need volunteer tutors to meet incoming refugees
févr. 8 2016
Mount A's admin cuts funding to Women and Gender Studies, students vow to keep up fight for their minor
févr. 8 2016
New campaign aims to keep Nova Scotia publishing from going the way of film industry
févr. 5 2016
Local brewery offers up unique imbibing experience for the 'functional introvert'
févr. 3 2016
New book examines the obscenity of capital accumulation in Canada
févr. 2 2016
Irving powerpoint shows 2050 projection for managing all New Brunswick Crown land as JDI freehold

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