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Calling BS on the Media: Chris Hedges Lays the Boots to CBC's Lang-O'Leary Exchange

by Enid Godtree

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Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, author and war correspondent, Chris Hedges takes on CBC's Lang amd O'Leary exchange.  O'Leary, is a regular on CBC's entrepenurial show Dragon's Den.   Hedges  has appeared in debates with TVO's Steve Aitken and several atheists including Christopher Hitchens and is the author of the best-seller, War Is a Force Which Gives Us Meaning, a quote of which was used in the opening of the Oscar-winning film, The Hurt Locker.

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The "Bill O'Reilly of Canada"

FYI, the Truthdig website for which Hedges writes posted this video underneath a header calling O'Leary the "Bill O'Reilly of Canada," a reference to the right-wing, obnoxious Fox News commentator who regularly excoriates, insults and belittles his "liberal" and "left wing" guests.

If the publicly-funded CBC ever tires of O'Leary's bilge, I'm sure he'll find a welcoming home at Sun News Corp., a.k.a. "Fox News North."


I have always been a donater

I have always been a donater to the CBC but it just shows since Stephen Harper and his gang have been in it is getting no better than Fox News.  This is what they want so people will give up on Public Broadcasting. You only need to go to Russian TV 505. or Aljazera 513 to get the news of the world and what is really going on in this corrupt world. Sincerly Audrey Howe