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February 8, 2010

Next Special Issue: G8/G20

Dominion Stories

In June 2010, the Group of 8--a self-selected group of countries that meet annually to set a global policy agenda--will be meeting in Huntsville and the emerging Group of 20 of the largest economies in the world will be meeting in Toronto. In May 2010, the Dominion, in association with the Toronto Media Co-op, will release a special issue on the G8/G20. The issue will feature analysis of the economic agendas advanced by the G8 in the eight years since the last time Canada hosted the G8, the effects of these policies in Canada, and chronicle the resistance to the G8 since its inception in 1976.

This is your chance to discuss what kinds of themes you'd like to see covered in the G8/G20 special issue. What questions would you like to see answered? What issues need to be raised when the most powerful people in the world come to town?

Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.


Not an impressive summit

Where can I get that special issue? I know the G8 summit is over now and quite frankly, wasn't impressed by it at all. I think at this point I'm mostly interested in the surrounding protests and if there was any police brutality involved.

Toronto People's Summit

Exposing colonialism & illegal 'global trade'

As one answer to the question about a counter summit, I am aware that a Peoples Summit is being planned to coincide with the G20 in T.O.; and that during the People's Summit, plenary sessions will be featuring prominent indigenous voices as well as some special communal events to demonstrate cultural alternatives. It could be interesting if the special issue can provide a report on the growing solidarity movement to highlight the possibilities of a substantive counter-weight to the G-8 & G-20. Some coverage on workers movements as well.

I would like to see a decrying of the G-8 & G-20 events taking place on stolen-colonized indigenous territories, as an editorial continuity of solidarity proceeding from this theme directed to the same facts concerning the Olympics. Am aware that Toronto is located on the territory of the Mississauga nation, it would be great to have some feature from them on their relationship to colonial history on their territory & the same for the nation who's territory "Huntsville" is 'situated' on(guessing the Chippewa nation, but not sure?)

Would also be particularly interested in a focus on Canada's participation in the war in Afghanistan, and murky economic aspects such as global drug trade & foreign support of corruption within Afghanistan, and linked to reports that laundered funds procured through the global narcotics trade has been a key income source that has saved some of the major US banks during the present financial crisis...

... Concerning the Calgary trial of Dacajeweiah-a.k.a John Splitting-The-Sky Boncore, who attempted to perform a peaceful citizen's arrest of George W. Bush in March 2009, and who's trial took place during March, 2010, & who will be in court to hear the judge's conclusion on June 7th-- Because this trial concerns upholding Canadian laws to not allow credibly suspected war criminals into Canada, the fact that Obama has carried on the mantle that Bush left him, he should also not be allowed to enter Canada. This would be, in my mind, not as a Canadian but as an interested indigenous observer-witness, the most important story that could be covered since it addresses the lawlessness & impunity with which the globalization-corporatist regimes collude to enable that 'group' to act contrarily & often with complete disregard to the rule of law.

And, the issue of 'mainstream' media bias.



How are people resisting bodies like the G8/G20, both directly and indirectly? 

What are the most affective ways of resisting, ways that are most likely to bring real change? 

How do we build alternatives?


Also, what is the contrast between what heads of state say they are doing at these meetings and what is happening on the ground?  How do they get away with it?


I'd like to see some good analysis of the shifts in global power (from the G8 to the G20, and the rise of China, India and Brazil), and what kinds of changes this means for the fight for environmental sustainability and social justice. Where are the challenges to power coming from, how viable are they, and what do they need to be sustained?

alternative economies

will there be a countersummit at the g20, if so what ideas for future economies will be discussed, and is there a tie-in with the USSF in Detroit?