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June 22, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Poetic protest

» 5 photos: View by Hilary Beaumont

June 22, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

"Youth not the problem" say protesters

» Story: by Hilary Beaumont

June 5, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Will politicians ever keep Africville promises?

Carvery takes election vows with a church-sized grain of salt

» Story: by Hilary Beaumont - 3 comments

May 29, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Man With A Movie Camera and made-up music

Winnipeg musician to improvise silent film score in Halifax

» Story: by Hilary Beaumont

May 14, 2009 • Toronto Media Co-op

Cuba at 50 - Interview with Andro Williams

Civil engineer discusses Cuban life after 50 years of revolution

» Story: by Gwalgen Geordie Dent

May 8, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Men (and boys) at work

An interview with David Hatfield, specialist in work with men and boys

» Story: by Ben Sichel - 2 comments

May 3, 2009 • Vancouver Media Co-op

Hundreds say no to the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

National media blinked while Colombia took center stage outside the Liberal convention

» Story: by Dawn Paley - 1 comments

May 1, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

See video

Halifax Media Co-op Webinar Part One

» Video: Watch by Glen Canning - 1 comments

April 19, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

The Emotional City

An interview with urban thinker Charles Landry

» Story: by Erica Butler