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The Media Co-op Working Group in Ottawa !!

by Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op

~ please share this message far and wide ~

We're pleased to announce that a small group of people started Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op. Once approved as the Ottawa Media Co-op Chapter, we would be part of the national Media Co-op ( and have our own Ottawa sub-site.

Our contact information for questions/getting involved, etc, is:

You can also like our Facebook page

This email message contains the following relevant pieces of information / plans of our group:

- What is the Media Co-op
- What it would mean to have an Ottawa chapter
- How to publish your stories on the Media Co-op site
- Our story ideas email list
- Upcoming event planned: Media Democracy conference Nov 16-18
--- & call for workshops/presenters/volunteers



The Media Co-op is a network of member-supported, local, democratic news organizations across Canada. The organization relies on the participation of hundreds of people who contribute written articles, photography, audio, videos and other forms of participatory journalism.  It also seeks to fund experienced journalists to produce high-quality, in-depth reporting, drawing whenever possible on input and material generated by its membership. The Dominion paper/magazine is part of the Media Co-op.

The Media Co-op is formally organized as a solidarity cooperative (also known as a multi-stakeholder co-op) with three kinds of members: readers, contributors and editors. This means that the Co-op seeks to represent the common interests of these various groups.



Currently we are called the Ottawa Working Group of the Media Co-op.

We will formally become the Ottawa Media Co-op when specific criteria have been met, ensuring quality and integrity of the Media Co-op network as a whole.

When formed, the Ottawa Local of the Media Co-op will consist of:
a) a local group of active contributors and organizers,
b) a web site, connected to the Media Co-op Network, and
c) the membership of the Media Co-op residing in the vicinity.

Our Basis of Unity can be found online at:



For now, you can publish coverage of Ottawa-related stories on the main Media Co-op website,

First, create an account and join the Ottawa Working Group of the Media Coop. 

Second, make sure you are logged in, and select the type of content you want to contribute, listed under the 'Publish' section. Choices include Blog, Photo, Story, Event, Audio, Video, News Release.

Third, fill in the different sections of the form you see on the web page (title, author name, written section, uploads, links, etc).

Fourth, click on groups and check the Ottawa Working Group of the Media Coop.

Then click 'Save' when you are happy with the result.  That's it! It will be online immediately.

You can read more on how to contribute at - including how to get paid too!

There is a also a Writers' Guide available there for tips on story planning, research, getting sources and contacts, interview techniques, writing style for different kinds of stories, and legal issues.



We have started a regular sendout of story ideas for people who are interested in getting ideas on topics to cover in the community.

You can receive this list of ideas our list of story ideas by emailing:

You can also send us any tips on what might make for a good story to have covered, at the same email address.



We are holding a conference in November as a key part of the process to start the Ottawa Media Co-op and generate energy, awareness and capacity for this project.

The Media Democracy conference will be held November 16-18 at the University of Ottawa in Lamoureux Hall (1st floor) in conjunction with Organizing For Justice. More info will be available at the website.

We are currently issuing a call for workshops/presenters, as well as for volunteers. You can use the form(s) below, or email

* Send us your ideas/proposals for conference workshops/presenters:

* Sign up to volunteer to help organize/run the conference:

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Awesome, go OMC! [It's the Spanish acronym for the WTO, but I'll get over it] Nice work!