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The July/August 2013 issue of The Dominion is now online!

Download the full PDF or read the articles on our site

by The Media Co-op

The July/August 2013 issue of The Dominion is now online!

The July/August 2013 issue of The Dominion is now online! Click on this link to download a PDF file of the entire 28-page magazine.

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All of our original content is also available online, if you prefer to peruse the articles individually:

Made in Haiti, Dumped in Haiti, by Isabeau Doucet. Global demand for cheap clothing sabotages local garment trade, workers' rights. 
Welcome to Prison Nation, by Karina Fortier. Canada uses prisons to detain newly arrived asylum-seekers. 
Cyanide Dreams, by Rachel Deutsch. Ecotourism and mega-mining don’t mix in Honduras. 
COMIC: Bees on the Road, by Heather Meek. 
From Terminal City to Transition Town, by Kerry Hall. How Vancouver residents are dropping fossil fuels and adopting resiliency. 
Carving the Prairie Commons, by Sheldon Birnie. Ranchers divided on federal divestment from community pasturelands. 
Jordan's Principle Funding in Limbo, by Moira Peters. Crown appeals historic ruling on First Nations child-first policy. 
Borderless Cities, by Aaron Lakoff. Sanctuary cities for migrants taking root across Canada. 
"Status for All" Rings From Four Corners of Montreal, by Tim McSorley. Annual march in support of migrants' rights criss-crosses city despite police actions. 
All Out For Alfalfa, by Miles Howe. Farmers and GE activists struggle against Monsanto’s Alfalfa. 
Who Will Be Seen? by Hillary Bain Lindsay. Harper meets the Parsons, ignores countless others. 
Fresh Blood, by Geordie Gwalgen Dent. Joe Fresh Shut Down During Mayday protest.
Porter Loses Injunction, Goes Straight to a Lawsuit, by Megan Kinch. Airline is suing union for $4 million. 
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Many, many thanks to all of the contributors, copy editors, fact-checkers, editors, sustainers and readers who helped shape this issue. We're looking forward to the next one!

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