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Breaking: Innu Land Defender Arrested by Israeli Police

Mateo Du Pekuakami is an anti-colonial organizer , 24, from the community of Mashteuiatsh

by Reclaim Turtle Island

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Innu Land Defender and anti-colonial organizer Mateo Du Pekuakami, 24, from the community of Mashteuiatsh has been arrested in the occupied territories of Palestine by Israel's police. Mateo is a member of the Wâbak Collective, and has been involved in organizing against the Line 9 tar sands pipeline and Plan Nord in his territories.

Statement from the Wâbak Collective:

"Mateo has been arrested by the Chosen People, with no valid declaration or motivations behind the arrest made by the Israeli Police. The members of the Wâbak Collective are scared for what's going to happen next. Mateo is in the custody of the Israeli State according to a camrade who has recently been released from detention by the State of Israel. She was detained for declaring, at the frontiere, that she was there to support Palestinian children to rebuild their schools. We hope Mateo will be released by tomorrow morning but suspect he will be locked up in jail unless he is deported to Kanada. These deportations are financed by the imposed apartheid in Palestine"

The targeting of Indigenous organizer Mateo Du Pekuakami is a symptom of the imperialist agenda of Israel, in directly seeking to prevent the connection of anti-colonial struggles across contexts, across continents. Apartheid in Palestine was modeled off of apartheid in North Africa which takes it's roots in the reservation apartheid system here in Turtle Island.

The relocation and disposession of Indigenous peoples from our territories in the form of land theft is one of the primary functions of colonial structures, such as imposing Nation States like Israel and Kanada. Not only does the infrastructure of the State, and its citizens, benefit from the displacement and genocide of Indigenous peoples, but so do corporations which seek to seize resources and destroy territories.

The militarized occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli State and the active displacement and murder of Palestinian peoples is what has facilitated the arrest of Mateo, and is only a small fraction of the reality of anti-colonial resistance and struggle for liberation in Palestine.

The Israeli State is also targetting Black migrants using concentration camp tactics to promote White supremacy and further subjegate people of colour. Justice for migrants is tied directly to Indigenous soverignty to end relocation, White supremacy and the attack on racialized bodies.

Support Palestinian liberation! Solidarity against apartheid! End colonial occupation! Dismantle White supremacy!

Check out the Alternative Information Centre to stay updated on Palestianian liberation struggles and find ways to support.

Support Freedom4Refugees International Solidarity.

Follow us for updates on Mateo's situation as well as information on anti-colonial resistance on Turtle Island. @defendourlands

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