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Action Plan in Response to Disappearance of 43 Students & Massacre in Guerrero, Mexico

Action Plan of the Ayotzinapa Rural School and social organizations in the National Popular Assembly #Ayotzinapa

by Ayotzinapa Rural School and Guerrero based social organizations in the National Popular Assembly #Ayotzinapa

October 16, 2014

1. Call to indefinitely take over the city halls of the 82 municipalities in the state of Guerrero beginning October 16th. Same for all highway tollbooths in the state.

2. Call for a mobilization in Acapulco on October 17th.

3. Call to take over highways in a boycott of transnational corporations, Saturday October 18th. Citizens will circulate freely.

4. Strengthen the internal security of the [Ayotzinapa Rural School] and the regulation of the entry of media.

5. Take overs of radio stations, Sunday October 19th and Monday the 20th.

6. National mobilization October 22nd with a concentration in Iguala, Guerrero.

7. Students from the [Ayotzinapa Rural School] will distribute a primary flyer electronically so that it can be reproduced.

There were 34 student, union, teacher, and community police organizations and citizens who participated in this meeting.

Political Position

The principal and central demand of this assembly is that the 43 students disappeared on September 26 and 27 in Iguala, Guerrero, be returned alive.

Dismissal, trial and immediate punishment for the governor, the mayor of Iguala, as well as of those responsible for the massacre on September 26th, carried out by municipal police in Iguala, as well as for prior assassinations.

Create the conditions for the disappearance of the powers of the state, for acts of omission, inability to govern, and complicity with organized crime; combining the legal struggle with mobilization, sending a petition to the national state legislature and collecting signatures, without stopping our mobilization, to create a grassroots consultation of the people of Guerrero against the governor, in order to create stronger and broader relations, and so that this demand carries greater weight.

Convene a constituent assembly of the people of Guerrero, in order to create better conditions to allow for political, social, and economic proposals where democracy emanates from sovereignty of the people, and work towards the naming of an honorable government.

Defense of the Rural School of Ayotzinapa.

Freedom for all political prisoners, members of community police and across the country.

Make a final demand to the three powers of the state so that they return our compañeros alive, if there is no response, generate conditions to take the seats of the three powers of the state.

Validate the community police as the only organization for security and popular justice in the state of Guerrero.

Click here to read the Action Plan in Spanish.

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