Catalan Elections of December 21st 2017

We publish below the statement of the group in Spain Nuevo Curso ( after the elections to the Catalan Parliament. Their result  has renewed  the political configuration that the Madrid government  wanted to “decapitate” (in the words of the vice-president of the government) through the dissolution of the former Catalanist  Parliament and government. Despite the unprecedented participation, 82%, which was to mobilize those opposed to independence, the “non-Catalans” living for the most part in the main Catalan cities, the “independence” bloc  got 47% of the votes and the parliamentary majority. The other landmark of these elections has a national value : it is the electoral success of the Catalan branch of the new party Ciudadanos, rigth-wing and fiercely anti-independence, and the total collapse of the Partido Popular of Mariano Rajoy in power in Madrid, which received only 4% of the vote. The Catalan question reveals blatantly the inadequacy of the political apparatus and even of the Monarchist Constitution stemming from the Franco regime  in the face of the new  challenges with which the Spanish bourgeoisie, like its European counterparts, is confronted today. And the success of  Ciudadanos to the detriment of the PP in Catalonia shows the path that more and more fractions of the Spanish ruling class  intend to take and the fact that the political reconfiguration  that has affected many European bourgeoisies  is now underway in Spain. W Since the Catalan referendum of October 1st and the nationalist strike of the 3rd, the comrades of Nuevo Curso have made various internationalist statements  denouncing both nationalisms, the Spanish and Catalan, with which we not only share the position of principle but also largely the analysis of the immediate situation. The same goes for the one we reproduce below.

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