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2012 Annual General Meeting of the Media Co-op: Summary of Decisions


Please note: these are not official AGM minutes, which will officially be approved at the 2013 AGM. Instead, this is an unofficial summary intended to inform members of what happened.
The Media Co-op's Annual General Meeting took place online on September 25, 2012, online and at local meetups in Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. The chair and secretary were both in Montreal. 
Tamara Herman (reader member) was appointed as chair of the meeting.
Koby Rogers Hall (membership coordinator) was appointed as secretary for the meeting.
A series of ammendments were passed to amend the bylaws as follows:
Contributor member ammendment:
WHEREAS the current definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER of the Co-op in the bylaws does not adequately account for the contributions of all contributors 
WHEREAS the lack of specificity of the current definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER could allow for abuse of this membership category,
BE IT RESOLVED to amend the definition of CONTRIBUTOR MEMBER in the Co-op's bylaws to the following:
Contributor Members.  
a. Each Contributor Member must have done one of the following:
i) made two contributions to The Dominion prior to becoming a member (a contribution to The Dominion includes but is not limited to photography, illustration, comics, editing, copy editing and writing), at least one of which was made within the past year; or
ii) contributed four editor-reviewed posts to any Media Co-op Local website in the past year; or
iii) been recognized by a Local Media Co-op editorial committee as having contributed eight hours or more work to the Co-op.
b. Contributor Members must pay annual membership dues as set by the board, and be recognized in a motion passed by the Board.
-- changes to a. i) are only changes in wording to make the point concise
-- a. ii) recognizes the work of contributors to Local websites
-- a. iii) recognizes the work of contributors who do not post to the site but who contribute to the work of the Co-op (layout, organizing, distribution, etc), and it is up to the Local Ed Collective to submit to the board the names of these members 7 days prior to the AGM
-- b. is a measure to ensure the board has the legal ability to protect the Co-op in the unlikely event of abuse of this membership category. From the time the Co-op was founded, contributor membership dues have been waived and will continue to be waived until contributors are paid and it becomes reasonable to ask for dues, and the motion to accept members to the Co-op will be a formality for the most part.
There was a question about why contributor members need to pay dues when they already contribute. Tim McSorley explains that it's in order to give the board discretion in the event of a) a funding shortage or b) a takeover attempt. The resolution passes with some opposition.
Editor member ammendment:
WHEREAS the goal of editor members was to include editors working on the day-to-day business of the Media Co-op and
WHEREAS changes in structure have resulted in most editors currently putting in an average of 10 hrs of work per week (instead of 20),
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the point 14 a) of the by-laws be amended to read:
Each Managing Editor Member must have worked (not necessarily paid work) for at least 10 hours a week for the Co-op for three months before becoming a member.
This means that not everyone on the Editorial Collective of a Local is an Editor Member. They must work 10 hours/week for three months first.
The motion passed without opposition.
Changes to the composition of the board to include local representatives.
WHEREAS the growth of the Co-op has led to an increase in the responsabilties of the Board of Directors,
WHEREAS the small size of the current board hinders the ability of the board to fulfill their mandates, and
WHEREAS having representation of locals on the board of directors will facilitate the overall functioning of the Co-op and will also aid in increasing both input from and communications to the locals
BE IT RESOLVED THAT article 30 in the by-laws be amended to the following:
30. Composition.  The affairs of the Co-op shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of one (1) director elected from the class Reader Members, one (1) director elected from the class of Contributor Members, three (3) directors elected the class of Managing Editor Members, and one (1) member from each officially-recognized local. 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT article 35 be amended to the following:
35. Voting for directors
a. Each class of members will be eligible to vote for the directors representing their class.
b. Members of locals will be eligible to vote for the director representing their local.
c. The Co-op will ensure that should the Annual General Meeting be held electronically that members will have an appropriate way to vote and confidentiality will be maintained. 
In order to implement this change in by-laws right away (so we don't have to wait until the next AGM to have local members on the board), we will be taking nominations for these board positions under the assumption that this motion will be passed at the AGM. Please think about who you might want to nominate from your Local, and submit their names by September 20.
After some discussion about the issue of confidentiality in local elections, the motion passes with two absentions and no objections.
Minutes from last AGM
Due to a miscommunication, minutes were not recorded for the 2011 Annual General Meeting. Moira proposes that, after an officially-sanctioned collective eye-rolling, we adopt the attendance list from the 2011 AGM as our minutes. After discussion of including the board election results, the proposal passes with a handful of abstentions and one objection.
Presentation of financial statements
Tim McSorley discussed the financial statements, which are subsequently unanimously adopted. Members also vote to forgoe an audit.
Presentation of the Media Co-op's annual report
Moira Peters presented the annual report, which was adopted unanimously.
Presentation of budget
Tim McSorley presented the 2012-2013 budget, which was approved unanimously.
Board election results
All candidates were running unopposed, so votes simply recorded which candidates were received more than 50% approval from their local or member type. All elected candidates receive a three year term.
Crystal Hajjar – contributor representative - candidacy passes
Maryann Abbs – Vancouver representative - candidacy passes
Palmira Boutillier – Halifax representative - candidacy passes
St̩fanie Clermon РMontreal representative - candidacy passes
Geordie Dent – Toronto representative - candidacy fails
Miles Howe – Editor representative - candidacy fails
Election results are approved with no objections and several abstentions.
Motion to adjourn
Passes with unanimity.
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