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January 29, 2014 - Board Meeting - Minutes

MC Board Meeting. Jan 29, 2014, 12pm EST.
Sharmeen, Tim, Dru, Miles, Dawn, Crystel.
1. Go around
People generally doing good.
2. Approval of agenda
Made a few adjustments. Dawn moves to approve agenda. Sharmeen seconds.
3. Review of minutes and tasks from Jan 22 (if needed)
Decided to skip this and do this meeting and past meeting at our next meeting.
4. Jessica's resignation
Hiring committee Jessica, Arij, Tim. Will be doing 4 interviews on Friday. Jessica is updating hiring guide and will have two days to do full day training with new hire. Dawn thinks important new hire in MTL. Roddy says he can cover some of those tasks. Miles wondering how applications will be decided. Sharmeen feels that priority should be on ensuring smooth transition. Sharmeen wants to privilege ability not location. Dru agrees someone in Montreal would be preferable. Longevity is also important. Crystel sees being in Montreal as additional plus but not requirement. Sharmeen can commit to working with someone if hired in Toronto. General agreement that if two candidates have equal skill sets there is preference for a Montreal hire.
5. Financial update
-further response from locals 
Letter from Montreal posted below.
Dawn suggests we send thank you and consider donation option. There is work that needs to be done on the Website. Dru not sure about capacity to find more translators. Arij is available for short notice English to French translations. Sharmeen are the donation commissions possible to meet? Tim: yes. Tim does not feel that the option of publishing in French in the Dominion has been properly explored. Sharmeen interested in language policy overall but feels that content for The Dominion is more purview of editorial collective. Dawn would like Tim to help draft a response. Arij concern about that. Sharmeen and Dawn can write a letter.
Toronto & Vancouver - forego August to March.
Halifax - keep remittances.
Montreal - Loan, pending discussion re: donation.
Plan of action. Tim updated cashflow. Tim waiting for cheque-logs from Jessica to send to Tim so that a cheque can be cut for Halifax.
ACTION: local reps in TO and Van will go back with huge thank yous, Hali will sit tight, and Arij will inform Montreal thank you and that the board will sending a meeting re: donation.
6. Fundraising
- follow up from Roddy's presentation
- go around on fundraising updates and proposals from board members
(Agreement to skip these two first points)

Sharmeen's pitch. Has been doing some thinking about approaching unions for money. Experience is that unions like donating to special projects. Suggestion that we piggy back national media co-op meeting on National Social Forum in Ottawa in August. Others on the call think this is a great idea! Go Sharmeen :) Dawn can give a hand, as can Arij.

7. Budget policy
Dru sent email "open in case of financial apocalypse" ed collective has not yet discussed. Put it to next meeting.
8. Board committee membership
Meeting right after AGM. There are at least 3 boardies who are not on committees.
Staff: Dawn and Maryann. Arij to join.
Board: Sharmeen, Dru. Arij and Crystel to join.
Finance: Tim, Sharmeen, Crystel and Dru.
Fundraising: Dru and Arij.
Dawn to contact Darryl.
9. Reports from board committees
-Staff committee
Haven't met, only email contact re: new hire. Dawn will try and get a meeting going soon.
-Finance committee
Meeting on Thursday.
-Board committee
Arij working on binder. Board committee (Dru and Sharmeen) met last week. 
Fundraising Committee.
No updates.
10. Tim going on trip
Tim's hittin the freezing north! Needs change of pace. Found a place to rent. Tim's hire not contingent on being in Montreal. Tim's plan is to leave early march. 
Needs to be discussed among people in Montreal. Dru can take on tasks for March. Can we discuss on next board call once we have hired a bookkeeper?
11. Other
Scheduling conflicts
Arij to write letter asking Maryann and Darryl if there is any time, even just an hour a week, that they can make calls.

The Media Co-op currently pays contributors a total of approximately $900 per issue of The Dominion, which comes out every month.

Our websites, however, include content that cannot be printed, like audio and video reports. There is a wish by contributors to have more resources destined to those formats.

The Media Co-op is willing to ensure that every month we devote resources to non-print pieces, providing that additional to the video or audio submission, the author is willing to send us a still photo and, if there is no image available, a short write up that we can pair with an illustration and run in the magazine.

We will also give special consideration to maps and infographics that can be printed in the magazine.

Dawn will bring a few others in on this convo over the next weeks.
Arij's point
Arij willing to lend a hand with ed duties among ed collective.
12. Next meeting
Arij will post minutes to website, set up next call and do calliflower.
Name facilitator in advance? Well no one wants to.
After thoughtful conversation amongst members of the Montreal media coop, we have 

decided to grant the national Media coop a 700$ loan. 

We stand in support of the national Media coop and we want to take part in the effort to 

resolve its precarious financial situation. There are however certain issues which we would 

like to see resolved. 

Consequently, we are open to transfer our loan in a donation, under the following conditions : 

• that the translation of the MMC Web site interface and functionalities be completed and 

the existing “cross-cultural bugs” be resolved ; 

• that the issue of publishing articles in French within the Dominion be discussed and 

formally resolved ; 

• that Montreal-based positions be posted both in French and English ; 


• that the MMC be involved in the decision making process on issues affecting the 

editorial workflow or the organizational structure of the local coop. 

Please be assured that this is not intended as any form of financial blackmail, but rather a 

way of expressing concerns regarding issues we locally have been facing in our relationship 

with the national Media coop.


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