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Summary of April 9, 2013 Board Meeting

Next Meeting: Friday, May 3rd at noon EST
April 9th - Media Co-op Board meeting 12pm EST
Attendance: Dawn, Tim, Crystel, Maryann, Palmira
Facilitator: Maryann
Go around
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes from March 12th
Motion to accept minutes - Tim
Seconded - Dawn
HMC (Palmira) - New staff on gov't grant, with great social media skills.
MMC (Tim) - Quiet over winter. Hiring someone to do organization for meetings to jump start activity.
VMC (Maryann) - Quiet haven't had a meeting in a while. Need to re-vamp meeting structure.
Dominion (Tim) - still working on monthly report from ed. collective to board. Next issue to press on Monday. Good help from at large editors lately, new involvement. Excitement over 10th anniversary issue in Apr. / May. Over 1,000 copies now more pages has the same cost or less. Will look better printed on the press.
Magazines Canada
Whether or not to stay with them? Issue: We don't make money through Mags Canada.
Worry: Will we have a newstand presence without Mags Canada?
Most of the cost is sending them 150 issues at $1.50. If we decrease the printing and drop below 1000 copies then we lose our benefits of printing on press… but there might be other ways to keep the printing numbers up but do something different for distribution.
Crystel - Debate between $ and visibility.
Dawn - Not the best use of our resources. If we stay with them something needs to change, a game plan to improve within a year or pull out. We need to acknowledge that up to now it hasn't really worked.
Maryann - What kind of a commitment do we need to make with Mags Canada?
Tim - Annual membership, we may be overdue from last year.
Tim - Overall In support of Mags Canada b/c we need to increase distribution. We haven't had a plan whether in-house or through Mags Canada on how to increase distn. Who's responsibility should it be? Needs a bottom-liner.
For next call - Tim and Dawn to bring pro & con proposals to the board.
Dawn - con, Tim - pro, Crystel - help organize discussion.
Please include concrete measures in proposals.
Renewing expired contracts: all contract staff have been contacted and agreed to extend their contracts.
Crystel - Had some questions from staff that was unable to answer. Also what needs to be done to finalize extensions?
Should the contracts be renewed from when they expired or from April 1st?
Staff committee - it is helpful to have the contracts staggered.
Some questions need to be addressed. Roddy's questions to be forwarded to staff committee.
Crystel to get contracts signed. Tim will forward Crystel the contracts.
Staff pay increases
Tim - Confusion as to when new pay was to begin. In future we need to be more specific about when these changes take effect. 
Who do we owe retroactive pay? Staff committee to discuss.
How should people active in two roles invoice?
Most people feel that since the sales people get more money than minimum wage with commission this is not an issue.
Proposal to pay $11.28 per hour for editors and not sales people. (approved)
We will need to look at this again if minimum wage changes in any province since we went with the highest applicable minimum wage.
How to communicate this to staff? Maryann will draft an email to Miles and include how we would like it invoiced at two separate wages for clarity and book-keeping.
Staff committee could approach bookkeeper about signing an ongoing contract.
Started Oct. 1 at $15/ hour. 
Membership month/ fundraising 
Tim presents. Please see document that was forwarded.
Request that board members help with getting statements of support from well-known people. Everyone interested in helping.
Tim to ask Roddy to send details, start google doc.
Tim also said their was a request about board members helping as “Ambassadors”, but can't remember details. Will ask Roddy to follow up
Final request: If possible, help out local editors calling expiring subscribers/sustainers, and current sustainers in your region about renewing/upping their membership. Contact your local editor to offer help. 
Dawn is on board to help out with whatever needs to be done.
Committee Updates
Finance: No Update
Staff: Everyone left on call are on the staff committee, so no update given.
Org. Development:
Core policy – effective policy
Board training
Comms between board and membership
Tasked with ensuring meeting legal requirements
Take mandates from consultations with membership
Start as made up by board members; eventually open to other members, with exception of conflict resolution
Started a calendar with our legal requirements (ie, AGM)
Focus on bringing proposals to the board
Questions around budget consultation: board or finance committee? Need to to it in June so we have budget for August
Also, focus on one-non priority issue per meeting
Next Meeting:
Friday, May 3rd at noon EST
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