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Summary of Oct 8, 2013 board meeting

Present: Tim, Dawn, Maryann, Dru, Crystel

Financial Report (with our accountant, Paula Clancy)

Revenue is down $10,000 from last year, composition mixed around a bit. A bit more in terms of government grants, and the sustainer and donations compared to last year, they are comparable. May have more to do with the way donations organized with regards to GST/HST. Advertising revenue down almost $2000. Makes sense to look at sustainer donations and donations as a group.
Our projections were higher. We were hoping to raise closer to $130,000 last year. Government grants now make up 42 per cent of annual revenue, there needs to be awareness around this. This number is tied to wages.
We did get aid to publishers in both years. We won't get it in 2013-14.
Program Costs relatively comparable but Production Costs are up. Take note of "Contractor - Other" line.
Gross profit higher this year but brings attention to contractors, which includes some admin and program costs blended in.
Budget for this year - need to look at what are the costs, what becomes our bottom line because of fixed costs.
Wages and benefits -- big increase. Total expenses - note exess of revenue we were able to draw on last year, not this year. Wages and benefits not sustainable without new grants.
Staff Tax Issue
A staff member had an issue with their tax forms, and the board resolved to investigate the issue.
AGM Preparation
There was much coordination of tasks for the Annual General Meeting, including coordination of local meetups, notetaking, cleaning up last year's AGM minutes, and setting up technology.
The board received no board candidate nominations from Halifax or Toronto locals, and decided to extend the nomination process to the day of the AGM. The backup plan is to accept nominations from local collectives, approved by the board.
Fundraising update
Aiming to raise $15k over next few months, includes online and offline organizing, Unifor, NDP.
Freedonia: Scale back drastically or look at combining with another tour.  Spring. Dru is interested in taking this on in the spring, if of interest... he just did a tour of Ontario.


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