Justice for Jared Lowndes

FTP on the October 22 Day Against Police Brutality in Vancouver
Action calling for justice for Jared Lowndes.
FTP, Feed the People

Since 1995, community activists in the US have designated October 22 as a day of action against police brutality, mobilizing against police violence in all its forms and raising calls for abolition. This year, actions will again be carried out in cities across the US. An action will also be held in Vancouver, in the context of the Canadian state. So far this year at least 84 people have been killed by police or died through interactions with police in Canada. Indigenous people are disproportionately victims of police violence, including killings by police.


With cannabis legalization, stigma persists, many drugs still criminalized

Cannabis being weighed. Photo: Add Weed on Unsplash

Medicinal cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2001, the result of public pressure. It had been illegal since 1923. And in 2018, cannabis, or marijuana, was legalized for recreational use. However, unresolved governmental and societal issues remain. And there is also the unaddressed status of other recreational drugs.

ANALYSIS: RCMP Use Bogus Suicide by Cop to Justify Constable Scott Hait Killing Rodney Levi

How is copaganda used to excuse killer cops?
RCMP car. Photo: RCMP in New Brunswick Facebook

Rodney Levi, a 48-year-old Mi’kmaq man, was shot and killed by New Brunswick RCMP Constable Scott Hait on June 12, 2020, while he was experiencing a mental health crisis in Metepenagiag First Nation (also known as Red Bank First Nation). Now the RCMP are trying to excuse the killing by using the deplorable and discredited “suicide by cop” narrative in the context of the inquest into the killing that began on September 28 at a hotel in Miramichi. Constable Hait shot Rodney Levi twice in the chest.


Suicide by Cop as Inquest Excuse

First Nations Strategic Bulletin: August-September 2021 Issue

Meme taken with permission from Twitter account of Terrell Tailfeathers, of Prime Minister  Trudeau in Tofino, B.C. Sept. 30, 2021, on 1st  National Day of Truth & Reconcilation

Image: Meme taken with permission from Twitter account of Terrell Tailfeathers, of Prime Minister Trudeau in Tofino, B.C. Sept. 30, 2021, on 1st National Day of Truth & Reconcilation

Click the file attachment after the table of contents to access the First Nations Strategic Bulletin: August-September 2021 Issue.

Fake Reconciliation 1
Truth & Wreckonciliation 12
Compensation Upheld 15
Every Child Matters 18
Blueberry River FN’s 22
Contact Us 24

Canadian Police-Involved Deaths in September 2021

Police killings in September 2021
SQ Vehicle

September was the deadliest month of 2021 in terms of police-involved deaths in so-called Canada. A dozen people were killed by police or died through police actions that month. This was one more than the 11 people killed by police in July.

ANALYSIS: The Mirage of Police Oversight

The Independent Investigations Unit of Manitoba Annual Report

There is no real, meaningful oversight of police, certainly not in the way that communities desire it. The notion of police oversight is, in fact, a mirage given the place and function which police serve for the state in capitalist societies.

Analysis | The Liberal Climate Plan Is New Denialist Trash

Nothing in the Liberal platform clearly and directly mandates reductions in oil and gas production and consumption at any point in the future. Ever.

Climate change is here, and action is urgently needed to reduce emissions.

This election, through the well-timed publication of a couple articles, the Liberals have claimed they have the best climate plan, or at least a highly credible one. Those who scored the Liberal plan highly appear to have a very specific understanding of the situation that leads them to first believe the Liberals’ market-based, industry-friendly policies will sufficiently reduce emissions, and second that the Liberals will follow through.

OPINION: The Sinkhole of Social Democracy

The costs of social democracy

With yet another election cycle upon us, working-class people are once again urged to throw themselves behind the wheel of social democracy. In the Canadian context, this means once again throwing support, and significant resources, behind the New Democratic Party (NDP).

North of 9/11 and twenty years on

What have we learned since 9/11?

Maybe it was the Muslim prayer beads hanging on the rearview mirror, maybe it was the medical bag in the front seat with his father’s name on it–Mohammed–maybe somebody had seen him in the car and thought “that guy looks Arab.” It was impossible to know exactly what motivated the attack.

Not Your “Model Minority”

What are some experiences refugees and migrants face?

I landed in Canada as a refugee in 2018.

Caring About Thriving in the Context of Struggle

Pushed by a society that is always running, too often we are trying to be everywhere at once and to maintain high standards of productivity while working towards social change. Another protest, an extra meeting, and why not a conference at lunchtime before facilitating a workshop?! We fight for social justice… until we break down.

Canadian Police-Involved Deaths in August 2021

Police killings in August, 2021

August was another deadly month in terms of police-involved deaths in so-called Canada. Nine people were killed by police or died through police actions.