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Climate Justice Montreal Releases 'Breaking the Trailbreaker' Report

Report on the Trailbreaker expansion project and its potential impacts

Climate Justice Montreal Releases 'Breaking the Trailbreaker' Report

Breaking the Trailbreaker: A Special Report on the Trailbreaker Pipeline is a report from Climate Justice Montreal detailing the environmental and social implications of the proposed pipeline which would carry dirty oil from the tar sands to the United States' Eastern Seaboard. 

The report is a primer for the political, corporate and local stakeholders involved in pushing through and resisting this project.  We hope it serves as a resource to our allies in order to shut this project down once and for all.


Cameron Fenton - Climate Justice Montreal Campaign Coordinator


For more info visit our website.

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We need to transform our

We need to transform our energy sources and infrastructure to a more sustainable model.  Devoting money and man-power to efforts like the proposed pipeline is counter-productive and a wasted of time, not to mention the perils associated with such a project.

Keep this area, and much of

Keep this area, and much of the vital habitats and refuges, in an undeveloped and a mechanically untrampled state.  Much of life depends on these sustained resources.  Oil and natural gas are not sustainable resources; extraction leaves a disastrous footprint on water supplies, habitats, and amplifies CO2 (once burned) on the earth.  Extraction follows an old unproductive trend in humans consumptive life.