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section 8

by Karen Joy Dawe

The summary of the article is that I was moved without notice by a nimby crowd a crowd that sold off the stock of housing. The discrimination did in fact have an impact on my whole family and body politic. There are numerous laws on the book all of them being in ordinance where the homeless are arrested and jailed and their families are put into ie. a formal institute from a government legislative body, ie. fostercare and then they are slowly downsized into street living. One check is gone the other kept or one side gets all that is left both people are kept downwind. I am summarizing my protest called the homeless action strike, alias with a well know social worker, Jane Scharf where we took on the city of Ottawa and were successful at naming the creative side of things, the homeless are depicted in three seperate segments of film that were taken to the city of Ottawa public library at the CInema Politica and the media coop was implemented. The Dominion Newspaper or grassroots paper gave us a street newspaper that comes out every month with the street section being prominent in the riding to bargain with to write in to use as our donation drops and for sale at our homeless action strike. The coordination of the newspaper was done by Jane Scharf the political activist whom I did set up the street protest with. and, a

another name for the homeless action strike was Camp whereelse. 





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