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Israeli Comfort Women?

Pro - IDF Porn-For-The-War-Effort Facebook Group

by Daniel Johnson

War-rape and human trophy metaphors are common features in many of the images posted to the group.
War-rape and human trophy metaphors are common features in many of the images posted to the group.
Israeli Comfort Women?

The Israeli Defence Forces online social networking propaganda campaign, which so far has included government employees, youth groups and now a student grant for pro-Israeli spam trolling, has now taken a turn to the downright surreal on July 23, 2014, with the launch of the 'Standing With The IDF Facebook Group'. The page encourages women to upload sexually provocative images of themselves with pro-IDF slogans written on them. The 'about' description, in Hebrew with an English translation at the bottom, reads: 

"Fighting for the Israeli front. You’ll guard on top, we’ll guard your bottoms! We will win this battle of beauty for you.

(A better translation of this line reads differently than the translation on the facebook group, : "Lifting" the national morale, Mzkirim the Front ", you keep us up and we'll keep you below! This battle, the appearance and beauty, we will defeat you. )

Dear beloved IDF soldiers, we are here as an act of appreciation, you do not need to wait for 72 ugly virgins, you are our heroes. The beauty of Israel girls is waiting for you, here back home. Come back to us.

Additionally: among this page’s fans, we will have a monthly IDF soldier picked out for the special treatment… you know what they say, girls love heroes.

We would love to get your pics".

What is meant by 'special treatment' are they offering the soldiers in the interest of "lifting" the national morale? Is this a kind of informal, voluntary Israeli 'comfort women' arrangement? That would be a violation of international law, to add to the other war crimes Israel has committed recently, including the mass murder of civillians the bombing of hospitals and schools.  Of note, there appears to be no equivelent page for the many female members of the Israeli Defence Forces. 


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