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Map of Turkish Protests

by Tim Groves

For interactive map see below
For interactive map see below


What started as a small protest by 50 protestors in Istanbul trying to block the development of a park on May 28th 2013 has mushroomed in just a few days into a giant wave protests against the Turkish government.   

The Turkish Interior Minister claimed that 235 protests took place in 67 Turkish cities, according to the UK's Daily Mail on June 3rd 2013. However a full list of where the protests took place has not been created. 

The map below shows a small sample of the protest that have taken place. It was initially created based upon a review of media reports, mostly from the English language press. However anyone can add to the map by clicking on this link. (updates will not be made immediately).

For international solidarity protests add them to this spreadsheet (a map will follow)



Tim Groves is an investigative researcher and journalist based in Toronto. He can be reached at timgrovesreports [at] and tweets@timymit. For more information on his work, visit

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