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Biannual – September 2017

by International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)



-Capitalism is Crisis and War. Only the International Proletariat Can Oppose it by Destroying Capitalism

International Situation
-IGCL Communiqué on the French Presidential Election (May 7th 2017)
-What Significance and Implications Do the French Parliamentary Election Have for the French and International Proletariat ?
-Workers Struggles throughout the World
-On the Real Class Political Positions of the Movement Interventionistische Linke in Germany and the “Black-Bloc” and “antifa” milieu
Debate within the Proletarian Camp
-On the Role and Structure of the Revolutionary Organization 
(PCint – Battaglia Comunista, 2nd Part, 1978)
-Reflections on the Intermediary Groups between the Party and the Class Internal Debate on the Period of Transition
Text of the Working Class Movement
-F. Engels' Letter to Borgius, about the Method of Historical Materialism (January 25th 1894)

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The Russian Revolution

Public Meeting Sunday November 5th 2017 in Montreal:
1.30 pm at the 2nd floor of the Provigo, 2925 Rachel Est (Métro Préfontaine)

The topic of the meeting is the Russian Revolution, its proletarian character, its isolation and the nature of the Stalinist Counter-Revolution.