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Fernando Arce

Posts by Fernando Arce

Apr 14 2021
Rise of COVID-19 cases linked to political decisions, actions and governments
Mar 24 2021
Process meant to democratize how policy resolutions are prioritized has not been put in place
Mar 13 2021
Grassroots group wants to put the 'democratic' back into the New Democratic Party
Feb 24 2021
Advocates say the government is trying to "divide and conquer" migrants and workers
Feb 22 2021
Labour groups call for entire Employment Insurance system to be revamped
Feb 18 2021
Chronic overcrowding, underfunding, lack of basic nutrition are only part of wider systemic problem
Feb 11 2021
Why is Passports Canada creating a two-tier system when it comes to renewing passports?
Jan 29 2021
Why the Misak people oppose cannabis monocrops on their land