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Disturbing Eviction In Williams Lake

by April Thomas

See video
UPDATE:  May 24, 2016 at 10:00 AM Band members have occupied the band office, RCMP has surrounded the building. 
Here is a video of Sheldon Wycotte being forcibly removed from his home today at Sugarcane, the home his grandfather Ray Moise bought and helped build.
RCMP are acting under the direction of the Williams Lake Indian Band Chief & Council. 
Both the RCMP and C&C do not have the authority to remove someone from a home that is privately owned. Had they been upfront with Ray that all he had to do was sign an ownership agreement when the house was paid off, of course he would have signed it and then we wouldn't be in this mess right now.
This eviction is one of many evictions in which the band is using the housing policies to take over ownership and steal people's homes out from under them. In the cases of some of the elders, they wait till they pass on then they forcibly take over ownership so they can make a profit off of it or give a home to their own family. 
These actions taken by WLIB C&C are in breach of their fiduciary obligations to act in the best interests of the people, and further violates our human rights to be treated fair and equal. Plus gross mismanagement of programs and funding. There is no accountability or transparency in dealing with any band related issues; they refuse to be upfront and work with any band members seeking home ownership; all they want is the ownership for themselves. 
The C&C even hold all the high up jobs and board of directors positions; putting themselves in positions of conflict and to personally benefit. If that's not a breach of trust and fiduciary obligations I don't' know what is!!!!!
Sheldon is currently being charged with Mischief, and is also has a court ordered condition that is not allowed on the Sugarcane reserve.
Sheldon, Shaina and their baby Katona are all left with no home, and the band or the rcmp don't care they have no other place to live either!!!
We all have the right to own our homes and work hard for it, not just them and take people's houses just because you can't control them. The WLIB C&C are the ones who need to be investigated and controlled; they work for the people and need to be reminded of that!!!
Please pray for the family,  and if you can offer any kind of support or information on dealing with this issue it would be very much appreciated.
This whole ordeal is very difficult for Sheldon & his family because they are still trying to heal from losing their Pe7e Ray, and being forced out of the home he grew up in is too much.
frown emoticon It was terrible to have witnessed.


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