The Dominion Fall 2015 Special Issue on Austerity is now online!

Sep 5, 2016

The Dominion Fall 2015 Special Issue on Austerity is now online!

The Fall 2015 issue of our magazine, The Dominion, is now up online. We apologize for the long delay in making this happen.

Click on this link to read and download a PDF file of the entire magazine.

You can check out each article individually at

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Articles in the Fall 2015 Special Issue:

Front Lines: Unchecked Austerity, by Media Co-op Contributors & Editorial Collective

More Arms, More Enemies, by Nadia Kanji

Building Housing Insecurity, by Harsha Walia

How should movements engage with the NDP?, based on interview by Dru Oja Jay

Quebec's Second Spring?, by David Gray-Donald

The Extraordinary Possible, by Reilly Yeo

Door-to-door canvassing for door-to-door delivery, by David Heap and Wendy Goldsmith

Lessons of '93, Scott Neigh

Fiscal Brutality and Permanent Austerity, by Shiri Pasternak

Building the Anti-Capitalist Left, by David Bush

Mothering Against Austerity, by Kat Ying

Austerity and Homelessness Kill in a Canadian Winter, by Stefan Christoff

Prisons, Profit and Goverment Austerity, by Rose Kelly Pflug-Back

Challenging Austerity's Climate of Desperation, by John Clarke

Crashing the Parties, by Yves Engler and Dru Oja