Regina Police Raiding Cannabis Dispensaries

Mar 28, 2018

Regina Police Raiding Cannabis Dispensaries

Police continue to disregard the communities priorities and well-being.

At least 2 cannabis dispensaries in Regina are currently being raided. 

This is a continuation of Regina Police Chief Evan Bray's crackdown on cannabis dispensaries in the city, happening in contrast with the expressed wishes of most citizens who have supported legalization for decades. It is also happening despite a rise in overdoses of opiates, particularily Fentenyl, which the police seem to be doing little or nothing about, and also a continuing wave of unsolved violent crimes, leading many to condemn Chief Bray's priorities. 

Best Bud's Dispensary, located at 1355 Cornwall St in Regina, Saskatchewan posted on social media that they are currently being raided by the Regina Police Service. 

Just after 7 PM they posted:

"Our shop is being raided right now by RPS. They picking our cupboards clean of patients meds and starting a public health crisis. Please show up and show your support."

The Cannagreen Regina Dispensary at 2139 Albert St. was also raided at about the same time. 

People wanting to express concerns over the raids can call the Regina Police Service at 777-6500, front desk hours are 7 days a week 8am - 8pm

Or use the RPS online contact form:

Or Fax: (306) 757-5461

Or message them on Facebook:


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